It´s not you, it´s the structure. Deconstructing the feminist polylove  September 2015
Niqabs, bus stops and purple washing. December 2014
Polyamor is the new black. November 2014
Building an anti-maternal speech. February 2014.
Heterosexual feminist agenda. January 2014.
Politically incorrects. December 2013
Pikara magazine printed edition back cover. September 2013.
Trivialization of sex work. Pikara Magazine. April, 2013.
Header for 26 April, Lesbian Visibility Day.
Header for 8 March, Worker Women Day.
Gender violence, Pistorious case. Pikara Magazine. February, 2013.
50 shadows of housewive´s porn. Pikara Magazine. December, 2012.
New masculinity. Pikara Magazine. March, 2013.
Gender violence, Salobral case. Pikara Magazine. November, 2012.
Gender violence, Las Quemaadillas case. Pikara Magazine. October, 2012.
Male responsability on female pleasure. Pikara Magazine. May, 2012.
Queer desire. Pikara Magazine. May, 2012.
Feminist women in political parties. May 2014
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